Curriculum Vitae: Nathan F. Lepora


2017- : Reader (Associate Prof.) in Robotics.
2016-2017: Senior Lecturer (Associate Prof.) in Robotics.
2014-2016: Lecturer (Assistant Prof.) in Robotics.
Department of Engineering Mathematics, University of Bristol and Bristol Robotics Laboratory, UK.

2012-2013: Research Fellow in Robotics and Computational Neuroscience.
Sheffield Center for Robotics and Department of Psychology, Sheffield University, UK.
2005-2012: Research Associate in Robotics and Computational Neuroscience.
Department of Psychology, Sheffield University, UK.

2000- : Commissioned Science Writer.
Mainly with Eaglemoss, Marshall-Cavendish, Benchmark, Grolier and Ticktock publishing.

1996-2000: Research Fellow in Theoretical Physics.
King’s College, Cambridge University and Imperial College, London, UK.


1999: Ph.D. (Cantab) Theoretical Physics.
1993: M.Math (Cantab) Part III Mathematics (distinction).
1992: B.A. (Cantab) in Mathematics (first).
King’s College, Cambridge University.

Other training:
2006: Attended M.Sc. in Computational Neuroscience, Sheffield University.


2017-: Deputy lead for the Robotics Research Group, Merchant Venturers School of Engineering.
2016-: Group lead for the Tactile Robotics Research Theme, Bristol Robotics Laboratory.
2015-: Member of Management Committee for CDT in Robotics (joint program with Bristol Robotics Laboratory).
2015-: Unit Director for Technology and Context of Robot Systems (core MSc and CDT robotics).
2014-2017: Program Director for the MSc in Robotics.

2014-: Engineering Maths 2 (year 2 UG, cohort 500 students, 42 lectures; feedback 4.4/5)
2015-: Technology and Context of Robotic Systems (PG, cohort 40 students; feedback 4.4/5))
2013-2015: Engineering Maths 1 (year 1 UG, cohort 250 students, 9 lectures; feedback 4.0/5)
2010-2013: Computational Neuroscience (MSc, cohort 10 students, 4 lectures)

PhD Supervision:
2017-: Sophie-Anne Baker (MEng)
2017-: Jasper James (MRes)
2016-: Kirsty Aquilina, EPSRC CDT Robotics
2016-: Emma Roscow, Wellcome Neural Dynamics
2015-: Nick Pestell, EPSRC DTP
2015-: Luke Cramphorn, EPSRC CDT Robotics
2015-: Fliss Inkpen, Wellcome Neural Dynamics
2014-: Ben Ward-Cherrier, EPSRC DTP
2011-2014: Uriel Martinez-Hernandez, CONACYT
2010-2013: Javier Caballero, CONACYT

Project Supervision:
2017-2018: Kipp McAdam Freud (MSc)
2017-2018: Pernilla Craig (MRes)
2017-2018: Alex Church (MEng)
2016-2017: Sophie-Anne Baker (MEng)
2016-2017: Jasper James (MRes)
2016-2017: Alex Ogilvie (MEng)
2016-2017: Yilin Tao (MSc)
2016-2017: Yuxuan Wang (MSc)
2015-2016: Kirsty Aquilina (MRes)
2015-2016: Emma Roscow (MRes)
2015-2016: John Lloyd (MSc)
2015-2016: Chuanyu Yang (MSc)
2015-2016: Jack Crago (MEng)
2014-2015: Stuart Whyle (MSc)
2014-2015: Luke Cramphorn (MRes)
2014-2015: Fliss Inkpen (MRes)
2014-2015: Amy Bruce-Gardner (MEng) - Prize dissertation
2014-2015: Joy Mondal (BEng)
2014-2015: Jingwan Wang (BEng)

PhD Examination:
2018: Tadeo Corradi (University of Bath)
2017: Luana Nunes (University of Sheffield)
2016: Patrick McGovern (University of Bristol)
2015: Claudio Zito (University of Birmingham)
2014: Alex Blenkinsop (University of Sheffield)

Professional activities

Reviewer (grants): BBSRC, EPSRC, Leverhulme Trust.
Reviewer (journals): PLOS Computational Biology, PLOS one, Royal Society B, Royal Society Open, Neural Computation, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Journal of Computational Neuroscience, Frontiers in Neurorobotics, Frontiers in Bionics, Frontiers in Cognitive Science, IEEE Transactions on Robotics, IEEE Transactions on Haptics, IEEE Sensors Journal, IEEE Robotics Automation Magazine, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, The Cerebellum, Neurocomputing, Connection Science, Journal of Robotics, Advanced Robotics.
Reviewer (conferences): ICRA, IROS, NIPS, Living Machines, TAROS, VPH, ICSR, CSM, Humanoids.
Editor: Living Machines 2012, 2013, 2016 (Springer), Handbook of Living Machines (OUP), Guest Editor for Special Issue of Biomimetics and Bioinspiration, Guest Editor for Special Issue of IEEE Trans on Haptics.

2018: Organizer for ICRA 2018 workshop on Robot Touch.
2017: Invited member of EPSRC Associate College.
2017: Guest Editor for special issue of Bioinspiration and Biomimetics.
2016: Program Chair and lead editor for Living Machines 2016 (Edinburgh).
2016: Co-editor for a 'Handbook of Biomimetic Systems.'
2015: Guest Editor for Special Issue on 'Active touch' in IEEE Transactions on Haptics.
2015: Communications Chair for Living Machines 2015 (Barcelona).
2014: Co-organizer for workshop on 'Active perception' at IROS 2014.
2014: Member of Editorial Board for journal Connection Science.
2014: Communications chair for Living Machines 2014 (Milan).
2014: Guest Editor for special issue of Bioinspiration and Biomimetics.
2013: Program Chair and lead editor for Living Machines 2013 (London).
2013: Guest Editor for special issue of Bioinspiration and Biomimetics.
2013: Review editor for Frontiers in Bionics.
2012: Program Chair and co-editor for Living Machines 2012 (Barcelona).
2011: Co-organizer of Workshop on Biomimetics (Barcelona).
2008-10: Coordination Committee Member (EPSRC/CARMEN).


2017: PI on Leverhulme Leadership Award on a 'Biomimetic forebrain for robot touch' (£1M)
2017: PI on EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award on Tactile Smart Grasping System (£45k)
2016: PI on EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award on Tactile Sensing (£20k)
2015: PI on EPSRC first grant on 'Tactile superresolution sensing' (£100k)
2015: PI on University of Bristol Capital award on 'Robot equipment for CDT/MSc in Robotics' (£22k)
2014: PI on University of Bristol Pump-priming award on 'Tactile superresolution' (£5k)
2013: Contributor to EPSRC RAS capital bid (£1M Sheffield and Liverpool).
2013: EPSRC small equipment award (£4k).
2011: CoI on FP7 award `Experimental Functional Android Assistant' (~£600k Sheffield).
2010: CoI on FP7 award `Convergent Science Network' (~£100k Sheffield).
2008: PI on Welcome VIP Award (~£10K).
1996-2000: Junior Research Fellowship at King’s College, Cambridge University (~£100K)

Awards etc

2017: Promotion to Reader, Bristol University.
2017: Third place in ICRA Soft Material Robot Challenge (as part of the Tactile Robotics team).
2017: First prize in Soft Robotics Competition (as part of the Tactile Robotics team).
2017: Research on display in the Science Museum, London (as part of the Tactile Robotics team).
2016: Leverhulme Leadership Award.
2016: Promotion to Senior Lecturer, Bristol University.
2012: Promotion to Research Fellow, Sheffield University.
2011: Exceptional contribution award, Sheffield University.
1996: Elected to Junior Research Fellowship at King's College, Cambridge University.
1994: Smith-Knight Prize, Cambridge University.
1990-1993: Scholar of King’s College, Cambridge University.
1990-1992: Isaac Newton Bursary, Cambridge University.
1988: Bronze medal in British Physics Olympiad.