The human hand is remarkable in how it can manipulate objects.

An exquisite sense of touch is key to the dexterity of our fingers.

My research aims to create tactile robots with human-like dexterity.

News & information

IROS 2022 – Tutorial on Tactile Servoing (IROS workshop page here)
IROS 2022 – 7 papers being presented (4 RA-L/IROS, 1 IROS, 1 ToR, 1 RA-M)
UK Manipulation Workshop – now planned for early 2023

The Royal Society – Invited blog on human-like robot dexterity is published
Science – Writeup in journal Science on our work on biomimetic tactile sensing
Media – Extensive coverage of human-like touch on TV, radio and newspapers
Papers – 2 articles on human-like touch in Royal Society Interface
Books – Robots (DKfindout!) passes 100 ratings on Amazon (4.7* average)
Nature – Our Nature Comms article on multiple-alternative decisions is out!
Media – BBC4 documentary Secrets of Skin has a segment on our research
Books – Edited volume Living Machines wins 1st Prize at BMA book awards

Review highlights:
Soft Biomimetic Optical Tactile Sensing with the TacTip: A Review (IEEE Sensors)
Learning offline: Memory replay in biological & artificial reinforcement learning (Trends in Neurosciences)
The statistics of optimal decision making (J. Mathematical Psychology)
The TacTip family: Soft optical tactile sensors with 3d-printed biomimetic morphologies (Soft Robotics)
The state of the art in biomimetics (Bioinspiration & Biomimetics)