Ours hands and sense of touch gives humans our unique dexterity.

My research aims to recreate human-like touch and dexterity in robots.

News & information

Fully-funded UK PhD studentship on robotic dual-arm manipulation (to start 1st November 2023)

Elektra Awards – We’ve been shortlisted by the readers of Electronics Weekly!
and won!

IEEE T-RO Special Issue on Tactile Robotics
ICRA ViTac 2023 Workshop – ‘Blending Virtual and Real’, 2 June, London
UK Manipulation Workshop – 12/13 January 2023 in Bristol Robotics Lab
IROS 2022 – Tutorial on Tactile Servoing (IROS workshop page here)

The Royal Society – Invited blog on human-like robot dexterity is published
Science – Writeup in journal Science on our work on biomimetic tactile sensing
Media – Extensive coverage of human-like touch on TV, radio and newspapers
Papers – 2 articles on human-like touch in Royal Society Interface
Books – Robots (DKfindout!) passes 100 ratings on Amazon (4.7* average)
Nature – Our Nature Comms article on multiple-alternative decisions is out!
Media – BBC4 documentary Secrets of Skin has a segment on our research
Books – Edited volume Living Machines wins 1st Prize at BMA book awards

Review highlights:
Soft Biomimetic Optical Tactile Sensing with the TacTip: A Review (IEEE Sensors)
Learning offline: Memory replay in biological & artificial reinforcement learning (Trends in Neurosciences)
The statistics of optimal decision making (J. Mathematical Psychology)
The TacTip family: Soft optical tactile sensors with 3d-printed biomimetic morphologies (Soft Robotics)
The state of the art in biomimetics (Bioinspiration & Biomimetics)