Children’s books

Robots (DK findout!)
by Nathan Lepora (Author)

64pp, ages 8-11, DK (Penguin House)
Amazon ***** (117 ratings)

With amazing images and mind-blowing facts DKfindout! Robots will satisfy any child who is eager to learn – and keep them coming back for more!

Silver award winner in the MadeForMums Awards children’s books series category.

Theme Park Science
by Nathan Lepora (Author)

High speed thrills (acceleration and velocity)
Twists and turns (forces and motion)
Marvelous machinery (levers, gears and more)
Falling for fun (gravity in motion)

4 books, 32pp each, ages 8-11, TikTok publishing

A fun and informative series packed with amazing facts and figures about theme park rides. Discover how theme parks use science to create thrilling, white-knuckle rides.

Atoms and molecules (Invisible Worlds)
by Nathan Lepora (Author)

32pp, ages 8-12, Marshall Cavendish (Benchmark)

Explore the invisible world of atoms and molecules. Find out about the particles inside atoms, and see how they help atoms join up to form molecules. Learn about atoms and the digital age, and see how nanotechnology is changing the world.

Other children’s books:
Chromium, for the series Elements. 32pp, published by Marshall Cavendish.
Molybdenum, for the series Elements. 32pp, published by Marshall Cavendish.

Major contributions to multi-author children’s books:
Pro/Con 3 New Science, published by Grolier/Scholastic.
Growing Up with Science, published by Grolier/Scholastic.
Encyclopaedia of the Earth and Physical Sciences, Marshall Cavendish.
Reformation, Exploration and Empire, Grolier/Scholastic.

Academic books

Living machines: A handbook of research in biomimetics and biohybrid systems
by Tony Prescott, Nathan Lepora, Paul Verschure (Editors)

656pp, OUP Oxford

Living machines is a fascinating overview of the current state of play across many and varied fields engaging in research about biometic and biohybrid systems and robotics … It is beautifully produced. ― BMA reviewing panel, 2019

Winner of the BMA (British Medical Association) Basic & Clinical Sciences Book Award 2019

Proceedings of Living Machines
International Conference in Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems (2012-2018)

Co-editor 2012-2018; Lead editor: 2013, 2016

The theme of the conference targets research on the intersection of novel life-like technologies inspired by the scientific investigation of biological systems, biomimetics, and interfacing biological and artificial systems to create biohybrid systems