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Secrets of Skin – Episode 6: Sensing
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In the News

Researchers Create 3D-Printed Fingertip That Has Sense of Touch Like Human Skin
3D printed fingertips ‘like skin’ says University of Bristol
BBC News
Robotic fingertip has human-like sense of touch
New Scientist
Artificial fingertip gives robots nearly humanlike touch
Scientists have created a 3D printed fingertip that can ‘feel’!
BBC Newsround
These robot fingertips mimic the nerve signals of a human hand
BBC Science Focus Magazine
Scientists create a 3D-printed hand that feels like human skin
Scientists create 3D-printed fingertip with human-like sense of touch
Sky News
3D-printed fingertip has sense of touch like human skin, study suggests
Evening Standard
Touchy subject: 3D-printed fingertip developed by British scientists can sense of touch and can ‘feel’ just like human skin
Daily Mail
Scientists create 3D-printed fingertip with human-like sense of touch
Daily Mirror
A 3D-printed fingertip ‘feels’ just like real human skin
3D Printed Skin Can Give Robotic Hands a Human Touch
The Daily Beast
This 3D-Printed Fingertip Helps Robots ‘Feel’ Objects Just Like Humans Do
Popular Mechanics
Sci-Fi Eye: Touching the future
The Engineer
Using deep learning to give robotic fingertips a sense of touch
Touch to transform with tactile robotics
Times Higher Education
TacTip wins soft robotics prize for Bristol Robotics Laboratory
The Engineer

Other articles:
TechXplore: Using deep learning to give robotic fingertips a sense of touch
TechXplore: Teaching AI agents to type on a Braille keyboard

Quotes and opinions:
Dazed Digital: How soon until Boston Dynamics Dogs roam the streets?
BBC News online: Puppy training a robotic dog points to the future
BBC News online: The robot assistant that can guess what you want
Guardian: Study sheds light on role of fingerprints in sense of touch


Science Museum, London

A blockbuster exhibition that explored the 500-year story of humanoid robots and the quest to understand what it means to be human.

My lab donated 3D-printed tactile sensors and a robot hand to a bespoke display.

Selected Talks

AI for Robot Dexterity
The Turing Presents: AI UK (10 mins)
What is tactile robotics?
Short presentation (5 mins)
Soft Biomimetic Optical Tactile Sensing for Robot Dexterity
ViTac ICRA 2021 (25 mins)
Tactile sensorimotor control for soft hands
ICRA 2021 talk (15 mins)
Optimal deep learning for robot touch:
ICRA 2021 talk (15 mins)
Slip detection for grasp stabilization
ICRA 2021 talk (15 mins)