Why your new work colleague could be a robot
BBC Online

Secrets of Skin – Episode 6: Sensing
(5 min segment)
BBC4 Documentary
Puppy training a robotic dog points to the future
BBC Online
Using deep learning to give robotic fingertips a sense of touch

Touch to transform with tactile robotics
Times Higher Education
Teaching AI agents to type on a Braille keyboard

Quotes in other articles:
BBC online: The robot assistant that can guess what you want
Guardian: Study sheds light on role of fingerprints in sense of touch

Selected Talks

AI for Robot Dexterity
The Turing Presents: AI UK (10 mins)
What is tactile robotics?
Short presentation (5 mins)
Soft Biomimetic Optical Tactile Sensing for Robot Dexterity
ViTac ICRA 2021 (25 mins)
Tactile sensorimotor control for soft hands
ICRA 2021 talk (15 mins)

Optimal deep learning for robot touch:
ICRA 2021 talk (15 mins)
Slip detection for grasp stabilization
ICRA 2021 talk (15 mins)

Selected Outreach

Science Museum, London

A blockbuster exhibition that explored the 500-year story of humanoid robots and the quest to understand what it means to be human.

My lab donated 3D-printed tactile sensors and a robot hand to a bespoke display.