Why your new work colleague could be a robot
BBC Online

Secrets of Skin – Episode 6: Sensing
(5 min segment)
BBC4 Documentary
Puppy training a robotic dog points to the future
BBC Online
Using deep learning to give robotic fingertips a sense of touch

Touch to transform with tactile robotics
Times Higher Education
Teaching AI agents to type on a Braille keyboard

Quotes in other articles:
BBC online: The robot assistant that can guess what you want
Guardian: Study sheds light on role of fingerprints in sense of touch

Selected Talks

AI for Robot Dexterity
The Turing Presents: AI UK (10 mins)

What is tactile robotics?
Short presentation (5 mins)
Optical tactile sensing with a human touch
ViTac ICRA workshop (25 mins)

Selected Outreach

Science Museum, London

A blockbuster exhibition that explored the 500-year story of humanoid robots and the quest to understand what it means to be human.

My lab donated 3D-printed tactile sensors and a robot hand to a bespoke display.